TRUTH: In The MLM Business, You’re Screwing Up If…

by Eric on July 12, 2010

you’re one of the hundred people I just talked to that thinks social media is THE gateway to success in your mlm business.

So, I’m sitting in the airport in Vegas (after missing my damn flight) reflecting on the last couple of days I spent at the BadASss No Excuses Summit. My head is still spinning from all of the connections made and relationships born.

However, one thing is still pissing me off. If I hear one more person tell me “Yea, my main traffic strategy is social media” I’m gonna puke. Look, if you’ve read this blog at all, you know I’m not one to beat around the bush.

So, here it is…

Social Media SUCKS!!! Facebook PPC…. What a damn joke? No, let me take that back, it’s only a joke if you’re trying to market a mlm business with it. You can do good with info products, but not your biz opp.

Try it, go ahead and let me know when you don’t convert so I can tell you I told u so. I sat at the conference listening to speaker after speaker pump up social media this, Facebook PPC that and was pulling my hair out (which isn’t good since I’m already balding)!

Quit fooling people already. Social media and all things related should be part of your marketing strategy, but a very small one. Brand, interact, and spread content, don’t be fooled into thinking the answer to your home biz prayers is going to be found in the social media space.

Sure, sure, there are people who have made their names as “Social media” gurus, but hands down, the top marketing strategy is PAID TRAFFIC. If you can’t prepare yourself for that, then you should probably just stay at your J-O-B (I got a little sick even typing that word) because there is one universal success tool in this biz and it is paying for traffic.

Is that weird coming from an SEO guy?

Maybe, but I’m smart enough to realize that I can use SEO to drive traffic,but I’m not relying on it as my main traffic strategy. It’s not consistent and you won’t build a substantial list quickly. Over time, you can generate a lot of leads with SEO, but I look at my leads from it as a bonus. My bread and butter for income and consistency is paid.

“But Eric, I only have a limited amount of funds.”   Welcome to club. You have to make use of your resources that you have and get your feet wet in paid traffic. You can only spend $5 a day. Spend $5 a day and start collecting statistics, tweaking, and testing. No, you won’t get 100 leads a day, but you will be getting valuable info that no amount of time on FB, YT, or any of that other crap will give you.

I use social media, but sparingly. I don’t care if I get any leads from it, I just connect with prospects that come in from my paid traffic and use it as a platform to build rapport and relationships.

Hmmmmm. Maybe I shouldn’t have disclosed my location.

Anyway, if you are marketing your Ultimate Sales Funnel. You need a sales funnel to market online as a place to capture and convert leads. If you don’t have one, you must get one. Don’t want the labor pains, just the baby? Then the USF is right up your alley.

Let the trashing begin,

P.S. I’m not angry, just don’t like people being misled. I know we are marketers, but come on! Social media, really? I guess, to each his own.

P.P.S.  Get the Google Switch If You Haven’t Already.  How hard is that? There is a link to it right there ———————


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