I Finally Discovered The Secret To Easy Biz Opp Success!

by Eric on June 7, 2010

When you are making a success of something, it’s not work.  It’s a way of life.  You enjoy yourself because you are making your contribution to the world.
- Andrew Granatelli

You don’t realize it yet, but in the next 2 minutes you’re going to learn the success secret.

I was listening to another awesome call the other day. Chris Owen was talking about some cool PPC stuff, and he said something that really stuck with me.  He said that none of the stuff he’s doing online ever seems like work.  “It’s not work when you love what you’re doing!”  Why can’t everyone look at their biz opps like that?

Most people get into this business for the wrong reasons.  The majority do it out of necessity instead of desire.  They have a burning problem they are trying to solve.  And they think that finding an online biz opp is the answer.  The key thing that people miss out on is the “biz” part of the opportunity.  No matter what people tell you, online marketing is a business and needs to be treated as.  If you don’t realize that, you are in trouble before you ever start.

Think about your burning reason for joining whatever business opportunity you are in.  Did you do it because you were bored?  Probably not.  Did you realize that you were actually going to be starting a business?  Not likely.  Instead, you were sold on the claims of overnight income streams and wealth beyond imagination.  You believed the hype, but failed to look at the real stories.  The stories of the top earners struggling for years barely making money before they finally hit it big.

Had those top earners not loved what they were doing, they would have fallen the way of the internet marketing cliff.  They would have been screaming the whole way down, along with the other 97% of marketers who didn’t have the perseverance to see things through to the end.

Ask yourself this question. Are you ready to be a gleaming success?  The powerful kind of success that will follow you the rest of your life.  Success that will move mountains and open doors you never thought would open.   Get fired up about your homebased business opportunity.  Or, take some incredible advice from Chris Owen, “Treat is Like A Business, but Love It Like A Hobby”!

Imagine what it would be like if you could you put yourself in the 3% of successful owners.  Get your business going away from the edge of that cliff and up towards top of the success mountain.  Just think about how powerful you would be.  Now, you can go it alone and struggle with that success.  Or, you can jump to the summit of that mountain by leveraging the skill sets of some of the up and coming industry leaders.


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